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Canvas - Technology Support

Need help with Canvas or technology?

Welcome to Canvas

Canvas is the new learning platform that all Caddo students will use. It allows students to interact during classes, actively engage in assignments, take quizzes, collaborate with peers, communicate with teachers, and more.

All courses are to be housed in Canvas. This includes core content, as well as electives and specialized courses. This will enable us to shift to fully virtual instruction if additional school closures are required. Canvas will be for every student, every day regardless of their selected mode of instruction. Face-to-face students will participate in blended learning through the system while fully remote students will be able to access all coursework. Teachers will be able to host their lessons via video conferencing software such as Zoom or Google Meets and house them in Canvas as well as provide assignments and all communication to students and parents.

District Support

Caddo is prepared to support our students, families and staff in successfully navigating learning in this technology-centered environment. By selecting whether you are a student, parent or a staff member using the sidebar to the left, you will see tailored information to provide you timely and accurate support for Canvas as well as devices.