Foreign Language

Welcome – Bienvenue – Willkommen – Benvenuto – Bienvenidos

The Caddo Parish Foreign Language Department website is intended to provide parents of currently enrolled students, prospective parents, students, teachers, and administrators with information related to the what, how, where, and why of the foreign language program in the school district. By sharing this kind of information, thus involving the community, we strongly believe that we will be able to strengthen the foreign language program in Caddo.

This website is also meant to be a resource for all the actors involved in the program. Parents and students will find activities, advice, and/or links to other websites to help reinforce skills acquired in class, teachers will be allowed to share documents, teaching strategies and useful research while the community at large will have an opportunity to look at what is happening parish-wide with the foreign language program (events, etc.).

We value the acquisition of a foreign language because of the impact it has: improving overall academic achievement, providing cognitive benefits, increasing multicultural awareness, and offering scholarships opportunities to name a few. This is why we are looking forward to seeing your child enrolled in a foreign language program in one of our schools.


  • To promote the acquisition of a language other than English by offering Caddo Parish students the opportunity to be exposed to a foreign language.

  • To foster the development of proficiency in a foreign language through a long sequence program offering intensity and articulation.

  • To help Caddo Parish students become lifelong learners in a growing multicultural environment.