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What is CTE?

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what is cte

CTE Benefits

  • High School Students- students involved in CTE are more engaged, graduate at higher rates, and typically go on to post-secondary education. 

  • Business- CTE addresses the needs of the industries and helps close the skills gap.

  • Economy- Investing in CTE yields big returns for state and local economies.

  • College Students and Adults- Postsecondary CTE prepares students and adults for in-demand careers, and allows them to take on less debt. 

All Things Jumpstart

What is Jumpstart?

Jump Start is Louisiana’s innovative career and technical education (CTE) program. Jump Start prepares students to lead productive adult lives, capable of continuing their education after high school while earning certifications in high-wage career sectors.

What is an Industry Based Credential (IBC)?

Industry-accepted credential whereby an individual’s knowledge and/or skills in a particular area is verified against a set of predetermined standards. 

● ALL students can earn IBCs

JumpStart TOPS Tech Pathway

Both Pathways

TOPS University Pathway

4 English Credits

4 Math Credits 

2 Science Credits 

2 Social Studies Credits 

2 Health/Physical Education Credits

9 Jump Start Credits

23 Credits

Graduation Requirements:




ACT and WorkKeys


Jumpstart Pathways

Industry Based Certifications




4 English Credits

4 Math Credits

4 Science Credits 

4 Social Studies Credits 

2 Foreign Language Credits 

1 Art Credit

2 Health/Physical Education Credits 

3 Electives 

24 Units

Graduation Requirements:




Optional: IBC and Workkeys 

Jumpstart Summer

Jump Start Summers offer an opportunity for students to earn new course credit for CTE courses, obtain industry based credentials, and receive a paid stipend.  For more information download the Jump Start Summer Flyer and application.

Jumpstart Summer Flyer

Jumpstart Summer Student Application

Middle School CTE

CTE Opportunities for Middle School Students

  • Middle school students are able to identify career interests that are related to a career cluster and to begin to develop an educational plan for high school, post-secondary and/or a career

  • Foster acquisition of industry soft skills such as effective communication, adaptability, problem-solving, collaboration and dependability

Middle School CTE Courses for High School Credit

  • Keyboarding

  • Introduction to Business Computer Applications (IBCA)

  • Business Computer Applications (BCA)

  • Quest for Success- Career explorations course designed to develop essential workforce skills and explore careers and industry pathways. The curriculum includes a variety of industry-aligned tasks across multiple industry sectors. 

Jumpstart 2.0 Pathways by School

CTE Contacts

Danna Spires

CTE Supervisor

PH: 318-603-5661 FAX: 318-603-6284

1961 Midway Ave., Shreveport, La 71118