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Add Money to Your Account

PayPal is now available. 

Set up an account using your CPPS ID number (minimum $10.00).

All items with a cost may be paid from this account.

Add money to your account on any computer.

TRC Payment Methods:

  • School Check

  • Cash

  • PayPal/Credit Cards

  • No personal checks

In order to better assist more people and expedite jobs, 

we have NEW options available for your copy and print needs.

The TRC staff will continue to copy a minimum of 25 of an original.

All other printing and copying are self-operated:

  • B/W, color copies, color paper, cardstock.

This will allow you to copy as few or as many as needed.

You can print from any computer and release your job at any of the 10 available copiers.

Current prices as of January 26, 2018.

Price chart

For electronic orders:
(minimum of 25 per original)

  • Click on reproduction form below

  • Download

  • Open

  • Save to computer

  • Reopen form as Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader

  • Complete form and save

  • Attach completed form and original(s) to email

  • Send email to staffdev-student@caddoschools.org 

Reproduction Form 1-25-18 email